Must have at least 3 years of clinic or acute care experience.
Must pass the required test. (You will need ftp software to access our ftp site to download the *.wav or *.dss test file. You will also need the software to play the file. Contact us if you have any questions or concerns.)
Must have indepth knowledge and understanding of medical terminology, terms, and drugs.
Must have an up to date medical speller checker, preferrably Stedman's.
Must have up-to-date medical references.
Work from home.
Type in Word only.
Absolute Transcription may assign work schedule depending on account.
Must meet our 24 hour turnaround timeframe, no exceptions.
12,000 lines per pay period is required for full time and 40 hours a week.
8,000 lines per pay period is required for part time and 25-30 hours a week.
You are considered a subcontractor therefore you will be responsible for your taxes.
No benefits provided.
Paid on the 1st and 15th of every month by mail.
Must use your own computer.
Must have your own footpedal.
Must have experience with FTP software and Express Scribe software.
We require the use of Abacus Line Counting software. You are required to purchase this. The software cost $20.00. This is a tax write-off.

System Requirements:

Cable Internet connection.
Sound Card.
USB, serial, or game port foot pedal (models IN-DB9, IN-USB, or IN-BMG preferred). We have game port foot pedals in stock for $60.00.
Word 2010 or higher.
Latest Service Packs and Critical Updates for O/S.

If you meet the above requirements and are interested in obtaining a position and live in the US, please send a resume to info1@abtranscription.com. We do not open attachments for security reasons (will be deleted immediately). Please cut and paste your resume inside the email.

Absolute Transcription strives to ensure complete confidentiality to our physicians and their patients, while providing an easy means of dictation and medical transcription services. Absolute Transcription was founded to provide superior medical transcription service in various branches of medicine. We specialize in medical transcription, however, we accept general transcription.Absolute Transcription has been in business specializing in medical transcription since 1999. Amy Barton, founder and president, has over 20 years of experience in the medical field. Amy has worked side by side with physicians in clinics and hospitals gaining great knowledge. Amy understands what physicians' expectations are and requires the medical transcriptionists to meet and exceed those expectations with every transcription.